7381 Encoder 1 Fault in ABB ACS880 Drive

Fault Code - 7381


Encoder 1 Feedback Fault


If fault appears during first start-up before 

encoder feedback is used:

- Check cable between encoder and 

encoder interface module (FEN-xx) and 

order of connector signal wires at both 

ends of cable.

If fault appears after encoder feedback 

has already been used or during drive :

- Check that encoder connection wiring 

or encoder is not damaged. 

- Check that encoder interface module 

(FEN-xx) connection or module is not 


- Check earthings (when disturbances 

are detected in communication between 

encoder interface module and encoder).

For more information on encoders, see 

parameter groups 90 Feedback 

selection, 91 Encoder module settings, 

92 Encoder 1 configuration and 93 

Encoder 2 configuration.

Check the event log for an auxiliary code. 

See appropriate actions for each code at 

warning A7E1 Encoder 1 (page 259).

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