Controlnet Schedule the Network Online

To schedule a network online mode, follow this procedure in RSNetWorx for ControlNet software

1. Turn the controller keyswitch to PROG. 
2. Open the RSLogix 5000 project and go to Online 

3. From the File menu, choose New. 

4. From the New File dialog box, select a ControlNet configuration for the new file and click OK.

5. From the Network menu, choose Online.
6. From the Browse for Network dialog box, expand the tree to find and select a communication path to the ControlNet network and click OK.
7. From the Network menu, choose Single Pass Browse.
8. Check Edits Enabled.
Note: When you enable edits, RSNetWorx for ControlNet software reads data in the ControlNet modules and builds a schedule for the network.
9. To change the network properties from default settings to those that best fit your network, from the Network menu, choose Properties.
10. On the Network Parameters tab, configure the network parameters as described in the table below.
For repeater use only, Point No:11
11. Click the Media Configuration tab, modify the settings if needed, and click OK.
Note: Generally, you can use the default media configuration. Adjust the
configuration if your network is longer or uses repeaters.
12. From the File menu, choose Save.
13. From the Save Configuration dialog box, click Optimize and rewrite the schedule for all connections. 
14. Click OK.
15. In RSLogix 5000 software, save the online project.
16. Turn the controller keyswitch to RUN
17. Then turn the controller keyswitch to REM 

See this Tutorial  Video


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