Enable Web Page in 22-COMM-E & 20-COMM-E Ethernet Adapter for Powerflex Drive

 Enable Web Page in 22-COMM-E & 20-COMM-E

  1. Turn OFF the drive power.
  2. Remove the 20-Comme or 22-Comme Ethernet adapter from drive.
  3. See the Web Pages Switch (SW2) to enable or disable the adapter web pages.
  4. Fix the Ethernet adapter to drive.
  5. Turn ON the drive power.
  6. The computer can access the adapter web pages if it is connected to the same network as the adapter, or if it is connected to a network with access to the adapter’s network via a gateway device (for example, a router).
  7. Open the Internet Explorer in computer.
  8. In the Address box (Internet Explorer), type the IP address of the adapter, and then press ENTER.
  9. The web Home Page for the adapter appears.

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