Yaskawa Drive Connect to Allen Bradley PLC Rslogix 5000

Yaskawa Drive (V1000, A1000, GA500, GA700) connect to AllenBradly PLC (Controllogix and Compactlogix). Configuration without EDS file installation using Rslogix 5000 Version 16 and later. 
Supported Drive:
  • V1000 (Tested)
  • A1000 (Tested)
  • GA500 (Not Tested)
  • GA700 (Not Tested)
  • Rslogix 5000 Version 16 and later, Studio 5000 Version 21 and later
  • Yaskawa Drive User Defined Data Type Download
  • Drive A1000 or V1000 and Ethernet Card SI-EN3
  • Prepare the A1000 drive parameters. How to parameter Upload and Download. Download Drive Parameter file.
  1. Open the Studio 5000 program (Offline)
  2. Right click Ethernet network card and select New module
  3. Select Generic Ethernet Module and Click Create button
  4. Fill the require information in dialog box
  5. Enter the Requested Packet Interval (RPI) in your requirements
  6. Right Click the User Define and select the Import Data Type
  7. Now import User Defined Data Type 
  8. Open the routine add two COP instructions. First COP Source is (Conveyor_1:I) Drive input data, Destination is (Conv_1_IN) Local Data with  description. Second COP Source is (Conv_1_OUT) Local Data with  description, Destination is (Conveyor_1:O) Drive output data.

  9. Create new tag Conv_1_IN with IN_DATA_A1000 data type and Conv_1_OUT with OUT_DATA_A1000 data type.

  10. Sample program to RUN in Forward and Reverse.

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